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Name:Donna Noble
Birthdate:Aug 22
Donna: I'm a pencil inside a mug?
The Doctor: Yep! 4H, suits you, actually!

A secretary from Chiswick, London. Daughter of Geoff and Sylvia Noble, close to her grandfather, Wilfred Mott. Her relationship with her mother is...a battle of wills, so to speak.

Donna is loud, abrasive, and stubborn. She's fun and she loves to laugh. She can be a bit self-absorbed, but she truly has a high degree of empathy. She's not the most brilliant woman in the world, however, she does occasionally display wonderful deductive skills (discovering no sick days in files, discovering certain dates written down, etc.). She had an interesting start upon meeting the Doctor (episodes: Doomsday/The Runaway Bride), and initially did not necessarily get along with him all that well. However, after having some time to think and search, Donna's eyes were opened to the possibilities the universe held and she decided she'd like to travel with the Doctor for the rest of her life. She wanted to see everything there was to see. She tracked him down and snagged herself an invitation to travel (episode: Partners in Crime). LOL. No, seriously.

As of right now, I have her after the Doctor Donna/memories-shut-off time (but before the recent season finale because OMG). She doesn't remember traveling with the Doctor right now. She has a lot of headaches and a strange sensation that things aren't the way they seem to be. (This right here is my own little thing. I am very aware that it's likely that she wouldn't have headaches and/or be aware of anything remotely peculiar. I don't employ this little -hopeful possibility that isn't actually possible- of mine without other muns' okay first.)

Disclaimer: I am not Donna Noble. I am not in any way affiliated with Doctor Who. I am also not Catherine Tate. No profit is being made from this journal. It is simply for RP purposes and happy fun timez.
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